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GLC-ASHI Leadership:
Mark Mustola
Immediate Past President:
Bob Peterson
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Eric Barker
Phil Gould
Tony Smith

Executive Director:
Carol Batko

Lon Grossman
Carol Batko
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Rick Vernon

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Home inspectors committed to education and a higher standard for home inspections have formed the American Society of Home Inspectors and organized it in chapters for ease of education. Home inspections by educated home inspectors serve the public consistently better. The states of Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, and Utah are served by home inspectors of the Great Lakes Chapter.

We understand that education is the foundation of successful home inspectors. Our home inspections are conducted with professionalism, respect, and responsibility to our clients.

All efforts are directed to improve the quality of home inspections for our clients, to do so we learn and keep up with the evermore sophisticated details of the American Dream Home.

We welcome visitors to use our "Home Inspectors Search" and hire our home inspectors. After all, who could be better then the best educated, verified, and tested in the field?

This website is packed with useful information about home inspectors, home inspections, house components, and environmental factors of concern to homeowners and home buyers. Please feel free to browse and learn.

If you have any questions about Great Lakes ASHI, feel welcome to contact Mark Mustola , president. With questions or suggestions about this website please contact Carol Batko Webmaster. We want to have this website as informative and friendly as it could be, hence, your suggestions will be most helpful!
For members information update please use "Member Entrance" link at the footer of this page and click on "Update Your Member Information".

"Education will never be as expensive as ignorance" GLC-ASHI Motto
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